December 01, 2004


Faith - Madonna and Child epitomize the kind of faith every Filipino carries in the heart an assurance that the Divine Being watches over each and every one of us.

November 01, 2004


Faithfulness - Resembling marriage bands, this arrangement celebrates the modern Filipino hero's faithfulness to husband or wife, as well as faithfulness to country and all the ideals for which our Republic stands.

October 01, 2004


Nurturing - Every Filipino child grows and learns under the wing of a mentor who instills in the child the sense of love, compassion, heroism and courage.

September 01, 2004


Industry - The Fruits of the earth spring forth only through our industry and it is only through our work that we will be able to achieve the rebuilding of our mother country, the task of every one of us, modern Philippine heroes all.

August 01, 2004


Courage - Stalwart and firm in idealism and goodwill, the modern Philippine hero stands by his or her values and ideals.

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